Black & white inspiration

Hi guys! I'm currently in Marmaris now, and it's super hot here. I made some inspo posts in advanced that I will publish during mye stay! Hope you guys are having a great time.


Next; Marmaris

Finally it is my turn to head over to a warmer place! Tomorrow, early in the morning me and my sisters are heading to the airport, and then we will be on our way to Marmaris, Turkey. I am super excited to have a week filled with daily trips to the beach, a lot of good food, sightseeing and more! 



Top and sandals H&M divided  Shorts Secondhand  Bag Søstrene grene  

The weather has been so nice lately, which makes me super excited for my trip to Turkey, Marmaris with my sisters. I am leaving on thursday, so only 5 days left and I am off to my vacation. I will definitely bring my camera and take a bunch of pictures!


Today's inspiration;sunglasses

A pair of cool shades during the summer can really change the whole look. It can go from boring to cool. I just think it is about finding the perfect pair that you can have year after year. 

4 sunglasses

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Today's inspiration;details

I just love details when it comes to an outfit. It can be everything from a pair of sunglasses, some jewellery, or a simple pattern or details on your clothings. 


Today's outfit

Top and sandals H&M  Skirt Old

The sun finally decided to show up today, so of course me and my friends took the opportunity to go the park and enjoy the sun. We ended up at Frognerparken, and on the way to the park we passed by some beautiful flowers, and I ended up standing there while taking the pictures. 



Coat H&M (my sister's) Tee Monki Jeans Bikbok Necklace H&M

I did not bring my camera today unfortunately, but I took some pictures with my iphone! I absolutely love this coat from H&M that I borrowed from my big sister, it just makes the outfit so less boring. And the fact that it is the end of june, and it's raining and cold, makes it so sad. Where is the sun?? Summer, please come back.